Custom Application Development

We build solutions that work. Whether that means solving problems with new custom software applications or extending the life and functionality of existing software systems by building out new features, fixing bugs, or improving performance and stability, we’ll produce valuable results. We’re adept at everything from re-engineering enterprise business processes into light-weight, integrated, cross-platform apps to building lean startup MVPs. We thrive on tough challenges, so let us handle yours.

We Build Solutions For


We use technology like Ionic and Apache Cordova to create custom hybrid mobile apps. These app-store ready apps use JavaScript as their foundation, allowing us to deploy the same code on multiple mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. This “code once, deploy anywhere” approach retains flexibility, speeds up development, and streamlines testing – saving you time and money.


Need a desktop application to augment your mobile app? Have a project that needs to leverage the power of a traditional desktop environment? We can help. Technologies like GitHub’s Electron allow us to create desktop applications from a JavaScript codebase while retaining low-level OS integration. This approach follows the same "code once" approach used for our hybrid mobile apps, maximizing flexibility and saving you time and money.


Custom web applications are our specialty. Leveraging the power of the MEAN stack – Node.js, AngularJS, and all the technologies in between – our in-house development team has the expertise to create the web application you need. From lightweight, scalable server-side apps to dynamic web clients with interactive data visualizations, we’ve helped startups and established companies alike build and deliver the perfect product.


We’re experts in full-stack development and we’ve built a huge network of designers, developers, and technologists. Whether you need expertise to revitalize legacy code, a developer to assist with a niche app, or to innovate at light speed – we can help!

Permanent Recruiting

We know lots of amazing people. No matter what your needs are, we can tap into our network of top-notch technical talent to help. Also, because we're technical ourselves, we can do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to tech screening! Whether you’re looking to fill a short-term project or staff up an entire technical department, we can find you the talent to fit your needs.

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